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Beach Front Properties

Pemba Island, Zanzibar Archipelago


Welcome to Pemba Island!




Pemba, known since ancient times as "The Green Island,"  is one of the famed spice islands in the Zanzibar Archipelago, located off the coast of Tanzania in East Africa.


Turquoise waters, exquisite white sand beaches and magnificent sunsets enchant visitors.  Divers and snorkelers marvel at the  dramatic and unspoiled coral reefs surrounding the island.


The  Pemba channel is among the world's richest and most productive grounds for game fishing. A canoe journey takes you through inland channels lined with pristine mangrove forests   Clove and rubber plantations perfume the air; ancient Arabic ruins dot the coast; and a spectacular variety of birds make the island their home.      


Pembans are famed for their easy-going warmth and courtesy. Traditional healers, bullfights, colorful markets and the haunting sound of the daily calls to pray are all part of the island's cultural heritage. 


Pemba is a place for peaceful hearts and peaceful souls.  Perhaps it's the  place for you... 

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